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Game. Bilingual English / Russian Edition.

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Sometimes the strong have to be ruthless, no mater how much we want to avoid it...
A short Sci Fi story about us, humans.

I wish I had this sort of book long time ago, when I was a student. A simple idea, really: to have a meaningful English text and a Russian text, in parallel, side by side. Sentence-by-sentence, not on the next page, as they do it in textbooks. I even found few books of that type, but I also found they were... boring. Either the author used Russian classics (but frankly, I hate Dostoyevsky) or he/she wrote it on the spot (John drives a car and Mary has a pen), which produced a text, but not a book. A great reading, if you have insomnia.
Finally I learned English (or so I believe), and I thought – why not? By that time I had published over a dozen Sci-Fi / Fantasy books in Russian, and they were not as depressing as Dostoyevsky and not as plain as “John and Mary” example.
Here it is.
Hope you will enjoy it.

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