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The Quests of Underice: 11 Quests, #1

207 pages2 hours


Something big is brewing in a world encased in ice.

Eleven-year-old Carla and her friend James chase a thieving gnome … all the way into the hidden land of Underice. There, they discover magical creatures they never knew existed and rumors of a mysterious gathering in the north! Carla has an "11 Quest" to solve, which her mother explains is a special kind of quest for some eleven-year-olds. Can Carla and James unravel her 11 Quest? Luckily, they don't need to adventure alone as they are joined by two Underice natives that also happen to be on their own quests.

This volume combines the first three books in the fast paced adventure series which touches on ways that climate change affects even the magical among us.

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