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Between The Crosses Row On Row

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It is often said the past is an unstoppable current, flowing relentlessly into the present and forever shifting the contours of the shores that might have once constituted the future. This is no less true in small villages where memories are long and the effects of both good and evil dwell in the minds and hearts of its residents for generation after generation.

David Hutchings and Clare Edwards arrive at the Tudor Arms in the village of St. Milborn-Under-the-Hill for ostensibly different purposes: he for an historical investigation, she for a first holiday following many years of putting it off and being forced to take one. They soon discover they have a connection to each other, but it is not that which brings them into closer proximity, more than either of them wishes. No, it is the death of one of the villagers. Even before that event, even before they arrive in St. Milborns, they discover there are secrets within the precincts of the village, secrets despite its bucolic and peaceful setting that speak of long-held animosities, secrets that have obscured the truth behind other deaths.

Yet it is David’s and Clare’s own pasts, the actions they undertook years earlier, the sins they committed which they believe impossible of forgiveness or redemption, that goad them along the path that will ultimately solve not only the most recent murder but the uncovering of the evil which links them all together.

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