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Blood River

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In the town of Rathdubh, in the midst of the recession, Billy (the midget) O’Shaughnessy’s criminal empire is thriving. Not content with his existing enterprises, O’Shaughnessy sets his sights on extorting money from the town’s more affluent citizens. When Richard Dimpley refuses to pay up, O’Shaughnessy brutally murders the businessman and his wife, Lilly, in their own home.

A mysterious American, Jack Barnsdale, arrives in town at the time of the murders and has everyone guessing. After a chance, contentious meeting with the dapper American, O’Shaughnessy is wary of him and his reasons for being in Rathdubh, especially now that business is flourishing.

Sent from the Murder Squad in Dublin to head up the murder investigation and expecting a straight forward case, Detective Bobby Coppinger finds himself embroiled in a complicated case as the murders escalate on his arrival.

A town rife with corruption and paranoia, stretched to the limit, Coppinger is in a race against time to halt the murders, while suspicious of those around him, including the Police. While all fingers are pointing at O’Shaughnessy, Coppinger soon finds out that there are other forces at work.

A quirky crime novel with many twists and turns, will Coppinger have bitten off more than he can chew in his quest for answers.

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