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The Tiger King of Siam

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Our book starts in the April of 1713 with the arrival of Luang Sorasak in London following his voyage from Siam. The opening chapter allows for the mystery of who is Luang Sorasak to be developed, and this is a theme throughout the book. A deposed king, and a fighter of repute in his homeland, Luang has to adapt to his new circumstances. He meets his first opponent on his first day on land. The second chapter introduces James Figg, a notable figure in boxing history. The main theme that runs throughout book one is the anticipation of their eventual fight.

Set against a backdrop of the early 1700's the book interweaves the developing art of pugilism within the rich and poor of London. The poor of St. Giles-in-the-Field and Covent Garden and the rich in their London homes. The death of Queen Anne is near and there is concern that the Scots, many stung by their recent incorporation into the United Kingdom, will seek to place James III of Scotland on the throne despite the Act of Succession that bars Catholics.

The fast-moving book brings these events together culminating in the final chapter of the discovery of the Scottish plot and the eventual fight between James Figg and Luang Sorasak.

Part two answers the question who is Luang Sorasak? We commence with the future King Narai seizing the throne of Ayutthaya (Siam) in 1656. In securing the throne he is aided by Phra Phetracha his childhood friend and father of Luang Sorasak. The narrative-driven text looks at the interaction between the two men which culminates (as it did in history) in Phra Phetracha taking the throne of Ayutthaya. He was aided in his action by his hedonistic and violent son, a master of Muay Thai, Luang Sorasak. Following the death of his father, Luang Sorasak secures the throne against a backdrop of intrigue and violence.

Reviled, even in his own lifetime, King Suriyenthrathibodi's excess are finally revealed for all to see in a climactic final chapter.

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