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Image of Gold

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The Babylonian captivity of the Jews has been going on for years. Daniel, 2nd in the kingdom, and his friends now serve the king directly, but the king is struggling mentally. The king’s confused mind develops a plan for the leaders of his whole kingdom to come and worship him by bowing before his newly designed golden idol of himself. Over the months of construction, Daniel's friend, Mishael, is directly involved in building the statue along with a young man who becomes the suitor to Daniel's sister, Salme. Behind the scenes, the Chaldeans hatch a scheme to get Daniel and the friends killed during the dedication of the idol by making them stand out when they refuse to worship any god, other than their own. Their suggested punishment is death in the furnace at the statue site. Daniel, his men and their families are praying for a miracle, but they wonder, do they still deserve miracles in their time of exile? God is silent, so only time will reveal God's will at the fiery furnace.

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