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Take Back Your Power! How to Stop People Who Are Toxic from Manipulating You.

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If you’re reading this it is likely that you have a toxic person in your life and that for foreseeable future you are stuck with them. You have weighed up your options and feel that the only option is to tolerate them until you can get rid of them or you may feel that life would be perfect if they would just treat you right. Their behaviour may be the only thing that stops your life from being perfect.
If so, then this book could be just what you are looking for. In it you’ll learn about the different types of people who are toxic, their ‘toxic traits’, whether you profile as a classic victim (and what to do about it) and how to deal with your toxic adversary before you are in a position to banish them from your life for good.
Take Back Your Power! How to stop people who are toxic from manipulating you is written with the express purpose of providing you with workable strategies for dealing with master manipulators, toxic and abusive people. It also provides you with bullet proof methods for stopping yourself giving off victim vibes.

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