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Z: One Family's Journey from Immigration through Poverty to the Fulfillment of the Promise of America

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A biography of my father, born of immigrant parents and seeking a better life in America. Brought here as a boy in 1907 my grandfather begins the American journey in upstate NY where his parents begin to farm the fertile soil of freedom. From farming through the great depression, the loss of new born children and their land, they continued to fight for the American dream. My father comes from these roots, struggling against all odds through poverty, the Second World War, close encounters with death and climbing the ladder of success. He never loses his belief in himself or his country. He loses himself for a time, wandering the desert of hope and ambition but soon recovers to focus on what is important. It is not wealth or fame or stepping on others to accomplish your goals but rather through helping others, lifting other that his finds success. It is a story of love for his family, his nation and its' promise, trucking, but most of all for the woman who gave up all her privilege to become his wife.

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