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The Price of Friendship

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When friendships start to fall apart how hard do you fight to piece them back together?

Jayne and Debbie are best friends, but when Debbie falls seriously ill with benign brain tumours and Jayne falls pregnant that friendship is stretched to breaking point.
Theirs is a chequered history, great until an extra martial affair, lies and half truths begin to drive them apart.

Debbie needs surgery and quickly but the news of Jaynes pregnancy breaks at the same time and she disappears when Debbie needs her most. Instead she relies on her husband Adam and her other best friend Jade and their combined families. With her future uncertain and a long road to what would pass as a full recovery Debbie takes her first steps without her best friend.

When Adam and Jayne have a heated argument that comes from a complete misunderstanding Debbie is caught in the middle and life as she knows it implodes.
It comes after a long eighteen months of escalating hassle and heartache. Can the two of them learn to see each others point of view? Can what was a loving friendship recover and become what Debbie desires?

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