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Decline of Muslim States and Societies
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Any discussion about Islam these days bring about deep passions, both overt and latent. On both sides of the divide, the main common factor is that of fear. Apparently, this antagonism is between unequals. One side claims technological and material prowess within a civilized society while the other claims righteousness of their cause and the spirit of their faith. All this has given rise to the phenomenon of “global heating” that has elevated the global temperature in terms of fear, intolerance, terrorism, and open warfare.Most of the recent books on Islamic creed and its people are either polemic or apologetic in nature. These have managed to exacerbate the divide with all its attendant losses. This book is a frank diagnostic about the predicament of the Muslim people from a Muslim’s point of view. It highlights their deficiencies that have been the root cause of their decline from their position as positive contributors to the world’s progress. It provides pointers for the path toward the resuscitation of the Muslim societies.The book is multidisciplinary in that it touches upon history, religion, politics, and information processing. It employs a novel approach in understanding the deficiency hierarchy. Analysis of historical data is also used in corroborating the conclusions. The main objective of the book is toward the social engineering of the Muslim societies. Any effort in this direction may help in cooling off the phenomenon of global heating that is currently engulfing our world. This book should be of interest to students and researchers in history, religion, and current affairs; policy makers; intelligentsia; politicians; as well as the media.
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Decline of Muslim States and Societies - Misbah Islam

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