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Building Trust

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He was never mating...
He had sworn never to get seriously involved with a woman ever again. No woman would ever again rip him apart just to check off a box on some imaginary list.
Dhev Tella was coming home to Mumbai. His tail wasn’t tucked between his legs. No. He was a leopard shifter, he never tucked his tail. He was getting down to business and shouldering his weight in the family business. But family? No, family were the devil. They had brought HER into his notice.
Sarah Cummings was flying from Borneo literally and figuratively, after bringing some poachers to justice in the jungles there. She was taking a coveted position at a prestigious wildlife refuge, giving her a year in the same place with air conditioning.
Dhev discovers his mate, and Sarah is delighted with him. But they have real and imaginary foes to vanquish. It seems, to both of them, that the real foes may be easier to conquer. However, Sarah refuses to pay the freight for another woman.

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