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The Naked Con: A Triple Action Western

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Sometimes a man hides something in plain sight. When that man is naked, what he's hiding is even more difficult to see.

Taking inspiration from movies Maverick and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, "The Naked Con" is the exciting new western short story from author S. D. Parker.

It's not every day that the passengers of a stagecoach in the Old West see a naked man cowering behind a rock. But the motley group of people bound for Uvalde, Texas, stop and question Finnegan McCall, naked as the day of his birth. He claims he's the new manager at the bank in town and a thief stole all his clothes and money.

But if McCall is telling the truth, then who is the stranger at the bank claiming he is the new bank manager? And why is this stranger asking the assistant manager to open the safe?

This humorous new Western from S. D. Parker will have you questioning who is whom and what it all means.

So if you enjoy storytellers like Robert J. Randisi, Chet Cunningham, and James Reasoner, then you'll love "The Naked Con."

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