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The Chamber of Truth: Eden Chronicles, #3

Length: 315 pages4 hours


A deadly disease.

Worldwide pandemonium.
An ancient riddle.

A plateful of food could save us all.

With two mysterious tablets still to discover, time is running out for the Heirs of Eden.

While the ghost, Cain, delivers his deadly virus as humans sleep, Commissioner Stone, head of coordinating the disaster recovery, has concluded that responsibility for the worldwide catastrophe lies directly with Archie, Daisy, and Isabella.  

With Stone's men closing in on their remote farmhouse, each Heir of Eden - Archie, Daisy, and Isabella - must put aside their differences, decipher the ancient code and eat their greatest fear. 

Only if they succeed will they come out of the Chamber of Truth alive. 

The Chamber of Truth, the third book in James Erith's acclaimed Eden Chronicles series, continues the acclaimed English teenage fantasy drama of 'The Power and The Fury' and 'Spider Web Powder'.

Praise for The Chamber of Truth:

"... so much fun to read. Full of intrigue and adventure."

"Just brilliant - the words truly paint a picture."

"The gripping sequel to the two previous volumes in this series. Written for a younger audience I, as an adult, have found it engaging and a thoroughly good read and would recommend it to both an adolescent and adult readership in the same way that JK Rowling's Harry Potter books appealed to all ages."

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