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Green Gold Economics Box Set

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The order of these essays are somewhat arbitrary. Placing adages first, very controversial most likely in opinions expressed, seemed apt. Voodoo Economics covers basics of author's opinions. Contra Ricardo follows as corollary. The Green Gold title subject is further down. We hold that kings and states of the past would have been better served by mandate revaluation of gold and silver in their realms to pay off debts and tax without confiscation. Leave species content of metals alone in the coins, and attract gold to the kingdom by revaluing gold in your realm above the world market price. With paper money, you have a push/pull effect on the value of the unit of currency. Green Gold devalues prices; paperbacks tend to inflate prices. The last two essays speak of ways to increase the overall self-sufficiency of the US economy and dealing with a worst case scenario world crisis: highly controversial indeed if enacted. Some of my military essays involve economic integration between economy and military. Warrior as both food, shelter, clothing provider and military security. The hunter is warrior and hunter for game, water, good land, industrial resources of flint, wood for weapons, tools, boats, rock for tools, caves, etc.
Essays Included:
FINANCE ADAGES (adages on general business of life principles)
VOODOO ECONOMICS (attack on conventional wisdom economics, both Smith and Keynes)
CONTRA RICARDO: AN ESSAY (attack on Say's Law and David Ricardo notions)
MINIMUM WAGE & ECONOMICS: AN ESSAY (state covers minimum wage not employers)
COMPOUND INTEREST: AN ESSAY (compound interest on loans impediment to growth)
DOLLAR INFLATION: AN ESSAY (dealing with inflationary pressure of paper money)
DOLLAR INFLATION II: AN ESSAY (ditto on same above and added comments)
INFLATION COURT: AN ESSAY (dealing with loss claims by creditors and debtors)
M4 MONEY: AN ESSAY (using land use as backing for money: assignats of sorts)
SOCIAL SECURITY: AN ESSAY (employment PT/FT thru SS Administration)
MONETARY STABILITY: AN ESSAY (How to maintain stable pricing and species value)
GREEN GOLD: AN ESSAY (threading gold in paper currency as complement to greenbacks)
THE BIG X ECONOMY: AN ESSAY (wealth generation thru govt and business practices)
THE BIG BUST: AN ESSAY (crisis management in US tailspin: single buyer Uncle Sam (Trump?)

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