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Legacy Forsaken

361 pages5 hours


three ships, three captains, and one prize.

place your bets, back your side, the race is still on...

the third installment in the series that began with legacy engendered and continued with legacy explored, legacy forsaken sees all three crews fighting forces from within. deposed as captain, rabbit becomes a bystander as his crew embarks on a desperate gamble to assert control of the underworld by instigating a turf war that spirals out of control. lazlo’s search for answers to the story of the enhanced survivor leads his crew beyond legality, unaware their actions will bring them into a confrontation with a new, deadly and powerful adversary. meanwhile, time runs out for serena as the legitimacy of a passenger run unleashes an enemy within, and threatens the one thing she fears; losing the crew she calls her family.

Legacy Forsaken increases the odds as each crew faces a danger of their own making that leads to a deadly confrontation between the lydia and the halcyon, and the greatest mystery of tale is finally answered: how did the chaos plague begin?

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