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Saved in One Hope: The Church and Believing Israel

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Jesus promises salvation to everyone who believes in Him. But what about the people of Israel? Does God have a separate plan for them? It is time to step back into the pages of the Old Testament, to trace the nation of Israel from Abraham to Moses. What is the Law of Moses, and how were people saved before Jesus was born? How is it different from the New Covenant? Is salvation by faith or works or both?

Moreover, this book touches on the fear of the Lord, the longsuffering God of the Old Testament, the mystery of the Church, and the law of Christ in New Covenant Theology. It also tries to dispel the idea that the New Testament Church is somehow more privileged than believing Israel in God's plan. Jesus will have one flock and He will be its shepherd. Come and see how all of God's people are saved in one hope.

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