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A “simply hilarious” tale of marriage and deception from the New York Times–bestselling author of The First Wives Club (Naples Daily News).
At forty, Sylvie Schiffer has a gorgeous house, two perfect children, and a successful husband with a lucrative business. She has everything except what she wants most: passion and romance.
With the twins off to college, Sylvie thinks her opportunity has finally arrived—only to find out her husband is already finding passion and romance, with a woman named Marla. Worse yet, Marla could be her twin . . . give or take ten years and fifteen pounds.
Marla is getting everything Sylvie wishes for: romantic presents, hot sex, candlelit dinners. But she’s also lacking the one thing she wants most: a husband of her own. Going beyond revenge, Sylvie hatches a brilliant, daringly outrageous scheme that just might fulfill both of their wildest dreams—or leave them with nothing but two broken hearts—in this entertaining romp, “a wonderfully funny fable about a wife and mistress who reverse roles and a husband who apparently can’t tell the difference” (Kirkus Reviews).

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