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The Day Adam Died

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The Day Adam Died; Encouragement for Women boldly challenges the inequality of the sexes and encourages women to fulfill their God-given purpose in the family, the church, and the world.

The price of a virtuous woman is far above rubies.

But, what's the value of an ordinary woman? A woman who lives in today's corrupt society?

A woman who has been underappreciated? Hindered? Or Abused?

A woman who hasn't found her soulmate yet?

A woman who is stuck in a lonely marriage?

A woman who is divorced?

Are these women virtuous? Do they hold value in the Kingdom of God?

In His Word, Jesus says, "YES!"

Come read the truth about how women were created, and the important role God gave them from the beginning.

See how sin has polluted God's creation and poisoned the world's perception of a woman's purpose.

Learn the biblical response to the injustices against women that began on  The Day Adam Died.


For years I have been ministering to women who have been abused in one way or another. I have heard messages and read books all directed at helping women. But, I do not believe I have ever read a better explanation of God's love for women and His desire to use them in ministry than The Day Adam Died.  Bridgett Henson uses some great stories from her life to point the great love and care God has for you, His daughter. I was especially thankful for chapter 9. Using great insight and wisdom Bridgett details what every woman should know about men and our thinking processes. It is very hard to find a favorite chapter because each one dives deeper into God's love. I can without hesitation recommend The Day Adam Died to everyone who is looking for THE direction God has for their life. ~ Stan Ledford, Author & Pastor, Lindsay First Assembly of God, Lindsay, Oklahoma.

I was honored to receive an advance copy of (The Day Adam Died). I am personally inspired and challenged by its content. I also commend (Bridgett Henson) for her boldness in addressing some very sensitive issues. (She) has documented her discoveries very thoroughly and poured out (her) passion to minister to women very clearly. Some may not understand or agree with each proposition but will surely admit that it has driven us to dig deeper into God's Word to reach our own conclusions. Thank you for the challenge. ~ Author, Minister, Bob Brock, Fort Worth, TX. 

I highly recommend Bridgett Henson's new book, The Day Adam Died. She treats an important subject, the value of women in the Kingdom of God, with careful biblical analysis and refreshing reasoning. In addition to these things, she writes with a passion for the fullness of the Kingdom and a desire to see the church benefit from the unique ministries of both men and women. Along the way, she presents the Gospel of Christ to her readers in a forceful and merciful appeal.  This is a book for women to share with each other, with their daughters, and with their husbands, brothers, and sons. ~ Dr. Stephen Phifer, Online Professor of Worship Studies, University of Valley Forge.


Bridgett Henson ministers to women of all ages by writing, teaching, and preaching the complete Word of God. Bridgett teaches at both Mission of Hope ladies campuses and is the Co-Director of Camp Beno for Girls.

The Whatever Series, a three-book, Pentecostal fiction series was her first published work. She also wrote The Day Adam Died; Encouragement for Women, a nonfiction book that boldly challenges the inequality of the sexes and encourages women to fulfill their God-given purpose in the family, the church, and the world.

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