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The Power of Pets: Learn to Psychically Communicate with your Pet, How to Heal Them and How They Heal Us

Length: 49 pages47 minutes


If you've had pets, I'm sure you can see how different their personalities were. I bet you'll smile at your memories of them too. Pets can bring us so much joy and comfort.

They can also help us heal, just as we can help them. You can even learn to communicate with them—whether your furry family member is in this world or the after world. 

I'm so excited to share this information with you and know you'll have an even closer relationship with your pet after you've finished this book!

What This Book Covers

My Experience with Pets
What Your Pet is Telling You
Pets Are Psychic
Myths About Pet Communication
Using Telepathic Communication
Using Oracle Cards to Communicate
How Pets Heal Us
How You Can Heal Your Pet
Your Pet's Chakra System
Balancing Your Pet's Energy System
Grieving Pet Loss
Communicating with Your Deceased Pet
Do Pets Know They're Dying?
How You Can Help Your Pet Cross Over
Do Pets Reincarnate?
How a Pet Reading Can Help

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