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The Last Flight of the Intrepid (A Tale of the Storm Below)

Length: 30 pages24 minutes


The Intrepid sails forth to fight the Cyclone!

Thojhen is useless. He can’t do anything right. Everyone’s told him this his entire life. But today he has to be useful.

Today, the Cyclone attacks.

Covering the entire horizon, the Cyclone bears down on the floating island. Only the Intrepid, a flying ship, can defend the thousands of lives in the path of the destructive tempest. Thojhen will have to find it in himself to do his duty.

To stand and fight against the howling Cyclone and its demonic Stormriders.

Will he find the strength to fight, or will the expectations forever hold Thojhen back? You have to read this gritty fantasy short to find out!

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