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Broken Dark

Length: series


Hunted. Afraid. Alone. The crew of the Elias are running, chased from their operations on Calgany Space Station by the Alcohol Enforcement Agency. The AEA’s raid on Lisa Tant’s warehouse scattered the nefarious bootleggers and one of the bloodiest pursuits in Prohibition history ensued as they made their escape. Cars were wrecked, vans were destroyed and lives were lost, but the smugglers evaded capture.

The bootleggers managed to flee Calgany, but their capture is far from avoided. They are cut off from each other and the help they sorely need. The Elias is damaged and adrift in space, Trace Dempsey is being chased through the subterranean bowels of Dunmere and Lisa Tant is trapped in an engineering shuttle with no faster than light capabilities. The AEA is relentless and unyielding. Prohibition Agent Laura Reid means to have her prized arrests.

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