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Taboo: Unleashed Passion

Length: 152 pages2 hours


Hot and Steamy bedroom bliss.


People usually love to read romantic stories. Hence, they are always seeking for the real stories or somehow real to get the exact feelings while reading this type of stories. The stories are written with some real experience and covered the sexual feelings with the expected soul mates in the life.

Note that, all the characters are fictional and the storyteller tries to give you some excited, yeah, ex-citing feeling when you deeply fall on someone. After reading, "Side by side" and "MISTRESS", you can have the exact feeling when you meet with your crash.

Love is divine as well as Sexual Love. No one can deny the cherish momentum between two per-sons having romantic affairs.

It can happen to you as well. Here's how you fell after getting closer to your crush.

"I am probably a bastard for thinking that but damn she is a perfect handful. I rub my hand on her back in soothing circles. Drawing her even closer, praying she doesn't pass out we have nowhere to go. We are chin to chin now. Our Lips are now just a breath away from each other. Summer isn't calming down. I am practically out of ideas turning my head our lips touch so briefly."

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