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Hunting a Necromancer: Hunter Elite, #6

278 pages4 hours


The team returns home from London and are drawn into another mission straight away. Quin has to face her father who rejected her so long ago for being defective. She will have to put aside her hurt and focus on finding a bunch of missing kids before it becomes too late to save them.

Quin isn't the only one who has to face an unpleasant past. Ari also takes a trip down memory lane when they are sent to find and eradicate a rogue necromancer. She encounters a new threat during the mission that warns of danger to come.

They have another run-in with the assassins that have been hunting them and everything is about to change. Ari's worst fears are realized as she has to make a choice between saving herself and saving the people she loves. No matter her decision, nothing will ever be quite the same again in the Hunter Elite.

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