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Delicate Dangerous Queens

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Four origin stories for key players from the Curse of the Jenri. All prequels so no spoilers.

Delicate Dangerous Queens - Saldomar has lived the life of a solitary mage until an unfortunate even washes him on shore, all but dead. But all but dead is still alive. Find out how he finds his familiar and a reason to take a companion.

Not a Doxy - There's nothing the assassin, Cristo, hates more than the sound of women or children crying. But how do you help a green girl who's coming face to face with the evil sorcerer who is Cristo's own nightmare. Not that she's crying...yet.

Hidden Treasure - Denra agrees that the town she's guarding will be attacked, but she can't rid her mind of the thought she's waiting at the wrong place--and her only help when she finds the real point of attack is a pretty cantankerous amputee. How can they possible hold off the attack by themselves?

Not Quite a Knight - Tasked to protect the area from the demons and monsters that seem to be coming far more often, Riko happens upon people who refuse to let him do his job alone--and it's a damn good thing.

Sword and sorcery so violence is frequent.

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