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Victory: Hour of Need

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Will our heroes of the past joining forces with the heroes of Legend be enough, A grittier tale, containing moments of prolonged tension, with our heroes encountering scary alien evil...will they prevail.. A story intended for all ages. More sensitive youngsters may benefit from an adult supervised first read. Some gender and reproduction references, Experience extreme danger, battles taking place both on the ground and in space.

The crew of The Victory: The Last Destroyer have embraced the changes of this new time. In so doing have produced many medical and practical new ideas. Innovation from the combinations of old and new are constant and often for the greater good. But not all. Victory’s First Officer Paul Roberts, saying of one to the Historian Ritany, “I thought, one more planet killing weapon on Victory, was just one more than she needed. Victory was already a perfectly capable destroyer.”
In this New Age, Fleet is looking for a role to play. Little did they anticipate, that role would find them...Will Fleet’s heroes of the past joining forces with heroes of Legend be enough?

Have the Historians behaved selfishly or selflessly? They have restored long forgotten relics, from a dangerous and deadly past. In the liberating of long held prisoners have fulfilled oaths. Oaths taken by the now dead military of earth, the founders of their order. Victors write history, have the historians change it for the better, or have they doomed us all?

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