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Business or Pleasure: The Department of Homeworld Security, #3

Length: 127 pages1 hour


The Department of Homeworld Security, Book 3

He thought he was beyond the need for physical pleasure—until he met her.

Paige Sloan thought dedicating her life to protecting Earth's ecosystems meant dealing with human mistakes—until her latest test samples put her on the hit list of an invasive species of aliens. As if that's not enough to deal with, there's a huge, hunky alien soldier demanding she leave the planet with him. But she's not about to leave until she's figured out what's really going on.

Khel's assignment to bring Paige Sloan to the Coalition spaceship orbiting Earth should be simple, if only she would comply. She's determined to unravel the truth behind the Tau Ceti's presence on Earth, even though they've killed everyone else who knows where her samples were taken. Her passion for her planet is strong enough to burn down the walls he's created in himself to be the perfect Sadirian soldier—and it lights a flame of desire in him unlike any he's ever known. But the longer they work together on Earth, the more danger they're in, and soon their hearts are on the line as much as their lives.

Author's note: This series contains explicit sex (and explicit consent) and is intended for an adult audience (18+ only). It's also filled with puns, fish-out-of-water hijinks, aliens being baffled by finding their first love, and lots of feels. *Lots* of feels ;) Please enjoy!

You'll get the most out of this Scifi RomCom novella series by reading them in order:
* Gray Card
* Resident Alien
* Business or Pleasure
* Tied up in Customs
* Entry Visa
* Duration of Stay
* Duel Citizenship
* Invasive Species

Business or Pleasure contains a sneak peek at Tied up in Customs, book four in The Department of Homeworld Security. Buy Business or Pleasure and start reading today!

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