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Lover's Bite - Ella Price

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I cursed softly as I waited by the car for Zoey. It was freezing, and she was standing outside the library hitting on some jock looking idiot. She had the keys because it was her car; so I was stuck waiting. She finally batted her eyes one last time and hurried over to the car all giggly.

I so got a date Saturday night Ellie! she said excitedly as she unlocked the car.

Good for you, I said with as much pretend enthusiasm as I could muster. Zoey was the pretty blond that always got asked out. She had the perfect hair and big blue eyes. I on the other hand had long chestnut hair and dark green eyes. I was always called beautiful, but the difference between me and her was she had a bubbly personality, I didn’t.

It was after dark and I knew Mrs. Jones was going to be mad. Mrs. Jones was our current foster placement. She ran a house for girls, which is where Zoey and I were currently staying. You know she is going to be mad, I said quietly.

Zoey scoffed. I could care less, that old harpy never lets us have fun, Zoey pouted.

I smiled at her total disregard for how Mrs. Jones felt. Zoey always had a way of getting us out of trouble with her. I watched out the window as she drove toward the house. There was suddenly a flash in front of us.  Zoey screamed and hit the brakes, but it was too late. She plowed right into whatever crossed our path.

I cussed as I was shoved forward into the airbag. The airbag hit Zoey directly in the face. Oh my god what did I hit? she squealed as she undid her seatbelt.

Zoey wait, I said quickly as I undid my seatbelt. Zoey hopped out of the car before I could stop her. I cussed and climbed out. I met her at the front of the car to see what she hit.

I froze when I saw she hit a guy, a really hot guy. He looked young maybe around our age. Oh my god is he dead? Zoey squeaked kneeling next to him.

Zoey let’s just call the cops it was an accident, I said nervously as I pulled my phone out. I was shaking from adrenaline, and I could barely dial the numbers.

She screamed and I looked over at her startled. The guy pulled her down to him and he bit her on the neck. I dropped my phone and jumped on him in an attempt to pull him off her. I started hitting him with my fists. He cussed and released her after a few seconds. She stumbled backwards, and I rolled away from him. He was some psycho that bit people; that was just my luck.  I got to my feet and grabbed Zoey’s hand and pulled her with me. I knew we had to get away from him I just didn’t know where we were going to go. The only thing that surrounded us was the park so I ran into the darker part to find a place to hide. I was hoping he wasn’t pursuing us, but I wasn’t about to stop and find out. I stopped running once we were hidden behind a large tree.

Zoey was holding her hand to her neck and she looked pale. Let me see, I whispered frantically as I moved her hand. Blood was slowly flowing from two holes in her neck. It actually looked like a vampire bite from the movies. That was ridiculous because vampires weren’t real I thought as I quickly took my jacket off and pressed it to her neck. Maybe the guy had his teeth filed. He had to be some vampire fanatic.

Is it bad? she asked sounding frightened.

No, I lied trying to calm her down.

Why the hell would he bite me? she squeaked.

I don’t know, I said quietly as I tried to see through the darkness. I felt my heart race when I heard male voices. Fear shot through me when I realized they were looking for us.

They are this way I can smell the blood, one said quietly.

Zoey’s eyes widened, and I placed my hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. When I say to we are going to run. I spoke in barely a whisper hoping they wouldn’t hear me.

She nodded and grasped my hand for dear life. Now! I whispered. We ran, running deeper into the woods. I heard the men yell when they apparently saw us or heard us. They came crashing after us.

Zoey was wearing high heels, and she was getting tired so it was hard to move very fast at all. One of them caught Zoey around the waist, and the other tackled me. I elbowed the guy in the gut and he cussed. I rolled out of his grasp and kicked him. I realized as I was moving away that it was the young guy we hit.

The other guy was just as handsome as the black haired one but he was blond. Zoey was in his arms either passed out or knocked out.

Damn! Wait we aren’t going to hurt you! the black haired boy snapped sounding annoyed.

You bit my friend! I am sorry if I don’t completely believe you! I yelled as I stood up facing them.

The black haired boy stood up and looked at me. I didn’t mean to bite her I was injured. It was just my kind’s reaction, he said as if that explanation made perfect sense to me.

What the hell does that mean? I asked annoyed as I looked from one to the other.

We are vampires, my name is Adam and this is Eric, the black haired boy, Adam said calmly.

Are you going to kill us? I asked trying not to sound too scared. They sounded crazy and I didn’t know what to do.

No, of course not we just want to make sure I didn’t hurt your friend. We are going to take your friend to our house for treatment she’s lost a lot of blood. You can either come with us or you can leave, he said softly.

I’m not leaving her with you! I snapped.

Ok then let’s go, he said and started walking back toward the road. Eric followed him carrying Zoey.

I cursed and followed them back to the road. I was trying to devise a plan, but it was difficult because Zoey was unconscious. It wasn’t like I could grab her and run. Adam opened the back door of a white Mercedes, and stepped aside for me to get in. I hesitated, but got in when Eric placed Zoey in the back seat on the other side. They both got in the front seat and drove off in the opposite direction that Zoey and I had been headed.

After about fifteen minutes of driving in silence they pulled up to a huge gated mansion. There was a brick wall all the way around the place. Adam punched a code in and pulled through the gate. The house was unbelievably big. It looked more like a castle then a house. They parked next to several other cars.

We should go in the service entrance until we get a chance to speak to Azrael, Adam said quietly. Eric nodded as he picked Zoey up out of the back seat. I followed them both to the side of the huge house. The door went into a long tunnel. Adam was apparently nervous, he was checking around every corner not wanting to run into anyone. I followed them up a set of side stairs into another more open hallway. He led us to a door and ushered us all in. It was a bedroom. There were two double beds done in purple velvet. There were two dressers and vanities. There was a closet door and what looked like a door that led to a bathroom.

Eric laid Zoey on the bed and then went back to Adam’s side. We have to go talk to my brother, you will be fine here just please don’t leave, Adam pleaded.

I nodded and sat down on the bed Zoey wasn’t occupying. He gave me a quick smile, and they both disappeared out the door. I sighed and looked around. There was a TV, but I wasn’t sure if I felt like watching TV. I checked Zoey. She was still breathing so I paced by the windows trying to take in all that had happened. Adam claimed to be a vampire; which was crazy, but he did bite Zoey like one would. On top of that Zoey was going at least fifty miles an hour when she hit him; and he was up walking around like nothing happened. I guess I didn’t have a choice but to believe him until I could prove otherwise. I heard male voices outside. They were speaking a different language. I could hear Adam speaking low and quick like he was nervous. Another male was speaking low, but he sounded angry and a third one would chime in, but he didn’t sound angry he sounded kind of amused.

The door opened and I stood frozen by the window. A tall man came in and he was breathtakingly beautiful. His hair was thick and black like Adam’s, but it was to his shoulder. His skin was perfectly tanned. He had beautiful brown eyes. They were so dark they almost seemed black. He was wearing leather pants and a loose fitting white shirt. He looked like a fairytale prince; the one little girls dream about. He first glanced at Zoey; then his eyes fell on me.

You said there was one girl Adam, the man growled.

Yes well I was getting to the second, but you cut me off, Adam said huffily. Adam looked annoyed and he was standing with his arms crossed and a scowl on his face.

The other male looked similar to Adam and the man who appeared to be in charge, but he looked nicer. He was wearing a pair of slacks and a polo shirt. He smiled at me which made me feel a little better since the others were scowling. Hi, I am Marcus, the man in the polo said coming toward me with his hand extended.

He was being nice so I figured I would return the favor. Elizabeth, I said quietly as I took his hand.

Pleasure, this is my older brother Azrael, and of course you know my younger brother Adam, Marcus said politely.

I nodded then glanced back at Azrael and Adam who were currently watching me. That’s Zoey, I said nodding toward the bed.

Marcus looked at her. Is she your sister?

Not by blood, but I consider her one, we stay at the same girls home and have for years, I said quietly.

Oh so you guys are orphans then? He sounded a little more interested than I liked.

Yes, I said hoping that wasn’t the deciding factor in whether they killed us or not.

We aren’t going to hurt you, Adam was just worried he hurt Zoey, Marcus said reassuringly.

I could have just taken her to a hospital, I said quietly.

We prefer not to deal with the authorities. It was an accident, from what I understand you guys hit him with a car, Azrael said speaking for the first time. When he spoke he sounded accusatory which was annoying.

I looked at him trying not to get annoyed. He ran across the road like a stray dog, we weren’t trying to hit him. He attacked her when we got out of the car to help him.

Azrael turned and glared at Adam. I didn’t see the car, Adam said sheepishly.

It doesn’t matter now. We would like you guys to stay the night; then we can discuss what we will do when everyone has recovered and rested, Marcus said obviously trying to ease the tension.

Is Zoey ok then? I asked since no one had bothered to even mess with her.

She’s fine, she just needs to rest, Azrael said in a clipped tone. His tone was starting to irritate me.

Well, we will leave you to rest, please let us know if you need anything, Marcus said smiling. I nodded and they all left shutting the door behind them.

I sat back down on the bed and turned the TV on. I checked Zoey one more time before I fell asleep.

I woke up with a start and sat up. I felt like I was being watched and I was right. Azrael was standing near the end of my bed. There was light trickling in from the hall, so I could barely see his face in the shadows.

I didn’t mean to startle you. I was just checking on you, he said quietly.

Oh, I’m fine, thank you, I said trying to be polite even though he scared me.

Do you need anything? He sounded more like he was asking out of politeness.

Umm, no, I’m ok, I said nervously as I watched him.

Good, well if you need anything just call. He didn’t move immediately. It was like he was waiting for me to say something.

Thank you, I said and he nodded then left.

I laid back down trying to slow my heart down. He was scary and handsome all at the same time. I had yet to see him smile which was odd, it was almost like he wasn’t made to smile.

I eventually fell back asleep thinking about him, and worrying about what would happen next.

I was being shaken awake, and I reluctantly opened my eyes. Zoey was looking down at me with her scared, big blue eyes.

Zoey you’re awake, I said excitedly as I sat up and hugged her.

Where are we Ellie? Zoey asked nervously as she glanced around.

At Adam’s house, the guy we hit. They wanted to make sure you were ok, I said quietly.

Why not just take me to the hospital? she asked confused.

Umm, well they said they are vampires, and they don’t like authorities. I didn’t like saying it. I felt like I was losing my mind when I said it out loud.

She looked at me confused. And you fell for that?

No of course not. They had you, and they said I could come with you or stay behind. I didn’t really have a choice, I said defensively.

Oh so are they crazy? she asked looking even more confused than I felt.

No, I think they might really be vampires. Adam is walking around like we didn’t hit him, and the bite mark on your neck screams vampire, I said quietly.

She went over and looked in the mirror at her neck. So what do they want with us?

I shrugged. They said they would decide today what we should do.

There was a knock on the door and Zoey’s eyes widened as she hurried back over to me. She sat down next to me obviously terrified.

Come in, I said trying not to sound too terrified myself.

Marcus came in smiling. A woman followed him carrying a large tray. I have food for you. I am also having clean clothes brought up so you can shower and change.

Thank you. Zoey this is Marcus, one of Adam’s brothers, I said introducing them.

Hello, Zoey said nervously as she glanced at me.

Pleasure to meet you. After you eat and get dressed I will take you down to speak with Azrael and Adam. He smiled at us and I felt a little less threatened. Marcus definitely had a way of making me feel more at ease.

Ok, I said and smiled weakly.

Marcus and the lady left, and we looked at the food. It was chicken, vegetables, and rice. It was all really good and I felt a little bit better after eating. Zoey even looked better.

The lady that brought the food brought a couple bags of clothing. Zoey called the shower first; which I didn’t mind. I got in after her and showered quickly. Marcus was nice enough to give us toiletries and makeup. I didn’t like the idea of being naked in a place I wasn’t familiar with. It just felt too weird.

After Zoey finished in the shower it was my turn. It was actually really nice to shower. I didn’t stay in long because I wanted to find out what they planned to do with us. I walked out of the