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101 Headline Templates That Crush It: Business Marketing And Sales

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Revealed! The Main Reason Why Your Emails Are Not Being Opened

Are you putting a lot of time and effort into your business communications, but nobody is opening your emails?

Have you invested lots of money into a direct marketing advertising campaign only to see it flop?

It's painful when you believe your writing skills are good, but nobody is reading your work. Your marketing and sales efforts are both costly and fruitless.

The  answer is simple : your HEADLINES stink

In 101 Headline Templates That Crush It you'll  a headline creating ninja with these tips like:

* An 8 word headline so curiosity provoking someone would have to be unconscious not to keep reading your email

* How the 'joke headline has the reader laughing so much they have to read the rest of the email

* The no b.s headline that subliminally gets the reader to hit open

* How to use a typical objection straight off the bat that will force the reader to open your email, even if its to have a fight

* How to use punchy negative words to create a positive result

* Why gossip style headlines have readers dying to know more

* And lots more.......

Stop Losing Money! Get Your Emails Opened Now. Grab The book

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