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I couldn’t breathe right. I didn’t believe them. I wanted to wake up. I didn’t want to believe any of it was true. I had to be dreaming, or maybe it was another vision. I couldn’t be pregnant. Hayden said the future could be changed, but it didn’t change. My future was on a crash course.

Elizabeth, Azrael said softly after a minute.

I looked at him terrified. You have to change me, I said panicked as I moved over to him. I touched his chest as I looked up at him.

He looked a little horrified, but mostly confused. You heard Hayden, Elizabeth. Changing you now would kill the baby.

You don’t understand he is going to die anyway. I can’t let him die like that. I can’t let you die. Please Azrael, it is what you wanted. Change me now, I begged trying to control my tears. It was the only way I saw changing the future I saw. If I was turned, there would be no child to watch die.

Ellie, you aren’t thinking straight. You are just scared. I told you, not everything you see will happen, Hayden said trying to reassure me.

I glared at him. You knew about this, and you kept it from me. You know why I ran. You know what is supposed to happen, I yelled. I wanted to hit him. I was furious with him.

His expression softened. I did see it, but you can prevent that.

Wait, see what? What is she so afraid of? Azrael asked as he looked at Hayden.

Hayden looked away, then back at him. I can show you, but this child has to be born. Things can be changed even if you don’t believe me, Hayden said softly.

I made an annoyed noise and stormed out of the room. I couldn’t look at either of them any longer. I was furious. If Hayden saw what would happen I didn’t understand how he could be ok with just letting it happened. He was bent on stopping it, but I didn’t see it being stopped. All I could see was Christopher and Azrael dying, over and over again. I ran down the stairs toward the garden. I couldn’t stop crying. This was the worst day of my life, when it was supposed to be the happiest. I collapsed in the soft grass. I was sobbing, and I couldn’t stop. I felt helpless, like my future was against me. I thought I could change things, but maybe I couldn’t.

Azrael laid next to me and placed his hand on my side. I didn’t even hear him approach, but I couldn’t hear anything over my own sobs. I saw everything, he whispered. His voice was strained with pain. I was guessing Hayden showed him like he said he would.

I can’t let it happen, I said in barely a whisper. Please, Azrael. If you love me you will change me.

He held me tighter. I can’t. I want to see him born. Hayden said we could change it. Even if we can’t, the few years we would have with him is better than nothing at all.

How could you say that? How can you live knowing your child is destined to die? This isn’t fair. I can’t do this Azrael. I am not strong enough to watch him die. I am not strong enough to watch you die, I said in-between sobs.

You won’t have to watch us die, Elizabeth. I will find Lucian before any of that happens, and I will kill him, he said darkly.

I sat up and turned toward him. You can stop all of this right now. All you have to do is bite me. Make me yours forever, and we will never have to worry about watching our child die.

He watched me for a minute, then he shook his head. I’m sorry Elizabeth. If I do what you ask, I will be killing my own child, he said quietly, then he stood. I knew Azrael was right, but to me it seemed better that it happen now, instead of after we hold him, and name him. I’m going to give you some space. Hayden is nearby keeping an eye on you. Come see me when you are ready.

I didn’t say anything, and he walked back into the house. I collapsed back down into the grass, and looked at the sky. I didn’t know what to do now. Everything was so overwhelming. I could barely think straight.

Are you ok? Hayden asked after a while. I didn’t move, or do anything for a while. I knew he was probably worried. He sat down not far from me, and watched me.

I sat up and looked at him. No, I feel like my heart has been torn out of my chest.

You have to believe you can change this, or it won’t change, he said softly.

I scoffed. I don’t believe I can do anything. I feel like am losing my mind. I am hoping that I will wake up any minute, and realize this was just another fucked up vision.

He smiled slightly. I hate to burst your bubble, but it isn’t. There are some things that are set, like you and Azrael. Then there are other things that are not, like Cristopher and Azrael dying.

How do you know that? I asked quietly as I watched him.

He looked like he was thinking about it, then he smiled. You know when I first saw you in a vision. You and Calvin slaughtered Meredith’s entire clan.

My mouth fell open in horror. I would never do that, I said defensively.

You would have if your mother succeeded, and you ended up with Calvin. Calvin would have turned you into a monster, and that is why I had no choice but to intervene. Sure it wasn’t my clan you threatened, but I knew it would only be a matter of time. I could have killed you, kind of like you want to kill your baby, but then, you never would have impacted lives like you have now, he said softly.

How did you know I would turn out ok? How did you know it was right not to just kill me? I asked curiously.

He smiled. I didn’t. I made a choice, and I did everything I could to make sure you stayed on the right track. So far you haven’t slaughtered an entire clan of gypsies; so I count myself as a success.

I didn’t want to smile, but he made it hard not to. He was awful proud of the fact that he was right. So you really think I can prevent what I saw?

He smiled, and squeezed my hand. I know you can. You should be happy about a baby. You and Azrael have a lot to look forward to.

I sighed. I am surprised he is taking it so well, I said softly. He seems determined to keep me at arm’s length.

Azrael is very...uptight, but I think you are making him better, for the most part, he said amused.

I smiled and shook my head. He was right. Azrael was definitely uptight, but I was hoping to get through to him eventually. I sighed, and got to my feet. I guess I should go find him, I said quietly. The sun was starting to go down, and I knew people would be gathering in the main room soon.

He nodded as he climbed to his feet. That is a good idea. I am sure he is extremely worried about you.

I walked back toward the house. Hayden followed at a slower pace. I considered going up to Azrael’s office, but I had a feeling he wouldn’t want to be alone. I walked into the main room, where everyone was gathering. Azrael was sitting at a table, but he wasn’t alone. I got slightly annoyed when I saw Diana and Zoey sitting next to him. I stopped and watched them. I was jealous when it came to Azrael. I really didn’t like it when Diana and Zoey were near him. Diana reached over, and touched his hand. I felt a rush of feelings hit me. I was angry, really angry. I never felt such intense anger. Normally I would just walk away from a situation like this. Glasses at the bar started to shake, it was almost like the beginnings of an earthquake. Suddenly there was an explosion of glass, as all the windows, and glasses in the room shattered. The room started to spin. I lost focus of Azrael when the shaking began.

Elizabeth stop! Hayden shouted, and that was the last thing I heard before everything went black.

I opened my eyes, and I was lying on the floor looking up at the ceiling. The chandelier was swinging violently, like someone pushed it.

Elizabeth, Hayden said shaking me.

I looked at him and blinked. The electricity was flickering. I couldn’t remember what happened. I didn’t know how I ended up on the floor. What happened? I asked as I attempted to sit up.

No, don’t sit up, he ordered, as he pushed me back down. Azrael, he called as he looked behind him.

I’m coming. What the hell was that? Was that an earthquake? Azrael asked as he knelt next to Hayden, and looked down at me.

No, I am pretty sure that was Ellie, and she is hurt, Hayden said pointing at my side.

What is it? I asked as I looked down. A shard of glass was sticking in my side. Blood dripped from it. I didn’t even feel it. My body was still numb from whatever happened.

What do you mean that was Elizabeth? Azrael growled as he examined my side.

I will explain later if I can. We need to get this out of her, Hayden said. He gently pulled the piece of glass out of my side. I moaned and closed my eyes. I could feel the injury now. Hayden pressed a cloth to the wound.

"Azrael, it is just this room. What the hell happened? Marcus asked coming over to us. Everyone was still running around helping one another, and trying to fix everything.

I don’t know, Azrael said then he bit his wrist, and went to put it to my lips.

No! Hayden yelled as he knocked Azrael’s wrist away from me.

What the hell is wrong with you? She is bleeding, and she needs my blood to heal, Azrael growled bristling.

Hayden glared at him. The only reason it stopped is because she was injured. If you make her stronger quickly it could start again.

The shaking? Azrael asked confused.

Yes, she was upset. It is sometimes part of being a seer. It’s telekinesis in a way. Her pregnancy could be increasing her powers. You need to find a doctor who can patch her up without the use of vampire blood. If she is weaker, she is safer, Hayden said firmly.

Wait, what pregnancy? She’s pregnant? Marcus asked confused as he looked at Azrael.

She is, come on, let’s find Jordan. He can help her, Azrael said as he stood. Hayden, take her to my room.

Hayden nodded and lifted me off the floor. Azrael walked off, and Marcus trailed behind him looking confused. Hayden turned, and carried me out of the room. There were people watching us curiously, but no one commented.

I felt out of it, almost like I was drunk. I was beginning to think it was from the blood loss. Hayden laid me in Azrael’s bed, then he pressed the cloth to my side. Do you remember what set you off? Hayden asked me quietly.

I looked at him trying to process what he was asking. I couldn’t really think straight. He said what happened was my fault, but I didn’t remember doing anything. I remember being angry. I remembered Diana touching Azrael’s hand. The glass in the room started to vibrate catching my attention. Hayden looked around, then he pushed on my wound.

Owe! Why did you do that? I asked glaring at him.

He raised his eyebrows. You are losing control of your power, pain brings you out of it. That is why you stopped downstairs. What are you feeling when it starts?

I was jealous, I said quietly trying not to think about it. She touched him.

Oh, I see, well that makes sense, he said sounding slightly amused.

The bedroom door opened. Azrael, Marcus, and a man I had seen around the house, but didn’t know personally walked in. Elizabeth, this is Jordan. He is a doctor, and he is going to stitch your side.

Jordan moved toward the bed with his bag. Hayden moved away so Jordan could help me. We need to discuss some things, Hayden said to Azrael, then he walked out of the room. Azrael glanced at me, then he followed Hayden out.

I closed my eyes while Jordan rolled my shirt up, and went to work stitching my side.

Can I get you anything Ellie? Marcus asked quietly.

I actually completely forgot he was in the room. I looked at him, and forced a smiled. I’m ok, I said quietly.

Have you eaten lately? he asked sounding worried.

I thought about it. It had been a while since I had anything to eat. No, it has been a while.

I will go get you something then, he said, then he hurried out before I could protest.

I sighed, and tried to relax. Jordan numbed my side so I could feel what he was doing, but it didn’t hurt.

I heard you are pregnant, Jordan said softly.

I just found out, I said quietly. I didn’t know who he was, but obviously Azrael trusted him.

Do you know how far along you are? he asked sounding more curious than anything.

No, I can’t be that far along, maybe a month, I said thinking about it. I wasn’t really interested in talking about it. I wasn’t all that excited about it. There was a dark cloud over everything, thanks to Lucian.

If you are interested, I have an office. I can do an ultrasound when you are ready, he said smiling.

Thank you, I said softly. I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to be ready. I was still waiting to wake up. I was beginning to realize I wasn’t in a dream, or some messed up vision. This was my life, and it was only getting more complicated.

Jordan finished my stitches. I would have liked to just take Azrael’s blood; so I didn’t have to deal with the pain of stitches, but Hayden put a stop to that. He acted like I was just going to lose it.

Azrael and Hayden still hadn’t come back. Just as I was beginning to get impatient Marcus came in carrying a tray of food. Come on, sit up, he encouraged me. I pulled myself into a sitting position, and he set the tray in my lap. I put some of your favorite fruit on there, he said smiling as he sat in a chair next to the bed.

I smiled slightly. Are they hiding from me? I asked quietly.

He looked a little surprised. Not at all. They are just trying to figure out what is going on with you.

I sighed, and shook my head. I’m not really hungry.

Ellie, you have to eat. This isn’t just about you anymore, he said firmly.

I picked at the fruit on the tray deciding to make Marcus happy. I ate a couple pieces, but it wasn’t appealing. Is he mad at me? I asked quietly.

Absolutely not. This is a complicated situation. He cares about you Ellie. This will all work out, we all just have to adjust, he said as he touched my hand reassuringly.

He was right. It was complicated. It was definitely more complicated then I wanted to deal with. Hayden said it was me that caused all the damage downstairs. I didn’t even understand how I did it. I just remembered getting upset, and that was it.

The door opened and Azrael came in. How are you? he asked hesitantly.

I’m fine, I said quietly. I could feel the tension between us. I was sure Hayden gave him some warning that made him wary of me.

I’ll leave you two to talk, Marcus said obviously sensing the tension. "Make sure she