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Blockchain Faith

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Bitcoin arrived in 2009.  From nothing, cryptocurrency exploded to almost a trillion dollars market value in nine short years. Now Initial Coin Offerings clamor for attention and support. Demand for computer processors and electricity to run them soars. New Crypto millionaires reshape the economy.  Banks and their clients race to secure patents on blockchain technology, while disparaging the same methods they would patent.  Governments express concern, imposing bans and regulations. Why?

Blockchain and its progeny can transform much more than just money. Jonny Stryder explains in this book how the new ledgers empower escape from dominance of moneyed special interests over law and justice. Humanity now holds the power to bring in a new social order based on equal rights, honor and consent, using tools and freedoms available today.

Starting with three simple social promises and a public ledger, Stryder shows how social promises can reform and replace state-run justice and political systems. The implications are profound. Equal sovereigns use public ledgers, social promises, and reputation feedback to build interpersonal trust and resolve social issues ranging from abortion to social security to war, and much, much more. After reading this innovative Guidebook, your view of blockchain ledgers and how to use them for self-governance will forever change. If you are a futurist, lawyer, mediator, politician, social philosopher, investor, blockchain programmer, or blockchain user, you must read this book!

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