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The Gemini Hustle: The Zodiac Files

Length: 486 pages6 hours


A perfect assassin. A disgraced operative. One planet may not be big enough for both of them to survive…

Ray Slater is ready to exit the hitman game. Afraid he's become more weapon than man, he's itching to escape the deadly life that's caging him. But he never expected his survival would depend on an interplanetary lawman…

Harry Finn can't close his last case without the assassin's help. But when the dishonored ConFed Marshal burns his cover along with an Ocala watering hole, their uneasy partnership is the only thing that keeps him alive.

Outnumbered and outgunned, Ray and Harry plunge deep into an interstellar crime syndicate with two psionically-powered sirens as their guides. On a planet where all guns seem to be trained on them, the hitman and the operative must learn to work together to make it out alive. If they don't kill each other first…

The Gemini Hustle is the first standalone sci-fi thriller in the Zodiac Files series. If you like snarky banter, three-dimensional characters, and edge-of-your-seat action, then you'll love McClure and Brown's spy-fi thrill-ride.

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