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The Adventures of Damnation Kane Book II: Buccaneers and Bastards

Length: 153 pages2 hours


The Adventures of Damnation Kane is an ongoing serial adventure story about Damnation Kane, an Irish pirate captain, born in 1650 to an English Puritan and an Irish druidess. Through means mystical and mysterious, somehow Damnation finds himself, with his ship The Grace of Ireland and his crew of scalawags, in strange seas. They do not know where they are, nor how they came to be there. Is it Hell? An undiscovered country? The Blessed Shores? The land of the Fae?
No: it is Florida. Near Miami. In the year 2011.
In Book II, the men of the Grace of Ireland try to find their way through 2011: they confront cars, and televisions, and grocery stores; mysteries abound, both fantastic and terrifying. Damnation tries to arrange repairs for his ship, now that he has found a safe harbor (See Book I: Out of Place and Out of Time); but he learns quickly that his greatest danger may not be the people of this strange time and place -- none of whom are prepared for the pirates' sheer propensity for violence -- but rather, the men he brought with him. His Quartermaster, Sean O'Flaherty, covets command, and has his own ideas about what the men of the Grace of Ireland should be doing.
What's worse is that the crew seem to be listening to O'Flaherty.
This is the second of four short books which combine to make the first volume of the Adventures. The story continues . . .

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