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Returned To Me

Length: 212 pages3 hours


Sometimes to find something right, you have to live through something wrong. Very wrong. Once upon a time, Janet and Doreen leave their Amish sect in Lagrange County, Indiana to experience the world outside for the first time. Mrs. Bontrouver hires detective Mike Garrison to investigate her husband’s activities, she learns of the secret child. In her rage, she forces him to return with her to France and abandon his heir. Who could be behind the kidnapping of five-year-old Melanie when she is ripped from her mother and taken from her Amish community?

Jake’s world is fraught with tension. His marijuana-growing parents have avoided police scrutiny for years, but the shop is Jake’s now and that’s where the dope is stored, and he is sick of it. Between his growing irritation toward Candy and the recent police surveillance, Jake wants out of that world before he’s behind bars or married to Candy.

A tale of love, faith, and redemption, Returned To Me will hold your imagination captive with its tale of good people trying to turn wrongs into something right. Intense adult subject matter and situations, For mature readers.

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