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Never Expected ( A Quicky Series )

Length: 45 pages35 minutes


Courtney was desired by everyone. She never went a day without someone asking her out on a date. She was the center of all of her photo shoots, and she was even invited to be a Playboy Bunny as well as a centerfold. For the most part, she loves it. But, there are some aspects that she wishes she could change.

The long days. 

Constantly being asked out. 

Always being recognized when out in public.

And never feeling as if she is going to have a life outside of modeling. 

But, her entire world changes when she gets a new photographer. She falls for a man that is caring and treats her with respect. 

But, he is hiding his own secret. 

Will Courtney be able to live with his secret, or is she going to be denying herself the one thing that she wants?

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