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Sinensis Camellia - Oscar A McCarthy

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Chapter One. 25 Light-Years per Hour.

WOULD YOU KNOW WHY I pulled you over, sir?

Because you need to fill your quota? the alien sneered, its single eye managing to stare down both of my own.

No, I’ve already done that. The reason I pulled you over was that you were above the speed limit in this sector.

What? Come on, only by a few!

I sighed. A few dozen, yes. You were going 78 in a 25 LPH zone.

Oh, so you’re going to get all angry at me for almost destroying some no-name planet, huh?

I’m not mad. I’m impressed. First, you managed to circumvent the automatic buffers surrounding this system, along with managing to deactivate the computer control within your own ship. Frankly, I’m amazed that you even made it as far as you did without crashing into that ‘no-name’ planet over there. I indicated towards the rather large gas planet floating relatively nearby, the deceptively calm silver surface rotating slowly.

Well, this is a free sector, is it not? I can do what I want!

Well, according to the Inter-Galactic Spaceship Law book of 2312, no, you can’t.

Fine, the alien sulked, pulling out his wallet, how much do I owe?

I grinned. Around 120Ð. Is that going to be cash or direct transfer?

Cash, the alien muttered, retrieving the six twenties from within the wallet. Reaching out through the plasma membrane of the cockpit, he tossed the notes towards me. Can I go now?

Have a nice day! I called after him, as the ship quickly disappeared again. Pulling the bills towards me, I jettisoned back to the cruiser, where my partner sat with her legs up on the dashboard, holding the speed tracking device with her tail.

As I pulled myself through the membrane, Laura chuckled contentedly. Bastard’s already going fifty. Want to catch up, or let another squad get him?

I shrugged. He’s heading towards Supernova Katrina, and he looked like a businessman. More than likely his stock portfolio isn’t doing too well right now.

Laura laughed. Oh, I bet the poor guy invested in that Jaxian tech company. I told you it would flop!

No, you just read the Economist three days ago and thought that made you an investment banker!

Of course you’d say that, Caswell the pop-star, her ears shook slightly.

You know, I thought I did pretty well! I argued. Now come on, let’s get to Ozlim’s. I need a coffee.

Pulling out onto the FTL lane, she chuckled, Of course you did well, apart from being blackout drunk, and choosing that old ABBA song!

Thirty minutes later, we were both sitting in a booth, arguing whether Earth music was worth listening to.