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Insights from Job

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God provides more good for us than we can see or anticipate. This good comes through our healthy relationship with Him, in which we shall grow in Him and toward Him for all eternity. Job began blameless, but he saw God as a faultfinder waiting for an opportunity to get him. He told God, "If I sin, then you would take note of me, and would not acquit me of my guilt." This wrong view of God helped Job to live blamelessly, but needed to be corrected before he would move toward God. Satan moved in with his great hatred, not seeing how God would turn his most vicious schemes into exactly what Job needed. Job also was blind to his need and God's work for his good. Job's example helps us to know that God is ready to reverse Satan's schemes against us and create surprising breakthroughs for us - even in "awful" situations where circumstances give no hope.

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