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GeckoFocus: The Way Back

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Though my primary focus or revelation seemed to be "Page 1: God’s Timetable", there were many other insights that revealed Jesus more clearly. There is no point in knowing God's precise timetable without knowing who is managing and coordinating it. Over the millennia, the Biblical texts and Jewish law, and even God inspired teaching, have given us many ways to picture God’s plan for His children. Forgiveness, redemption, cleansing, sacrifice, salvation, sanctification, adoption, rebirth, repentance, restoration, victory, freedom, eternal life, and the list goes on. It’s all good but as you read these articles you will come to see how we have drifted from the purity and simplicity and completeness of what Jesus did. You will find a more intimate picture of God. Academic understandings are exchanged for real, personal concepts. I could go on to suggest that you will discover a freedom to follow God rather than rules. But this introduction will turn into a preachment, guilty of the same academic propositions that I am trying to strip away so that you can see Jesus, so much better.

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