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As The Way I Like

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Book Introduction Writing;

 I have hanged my hopes onto the hairs of the sky, for those who were shot from their dreams, who knows, perhaps you make me an intermediary for those willing to heal their wounds...
 All my blessing is the spirituality that you'll bestow upon me. Let me distribute to those whom you wish to bestowed upon..!

 E Kitap Projesi & Yayıncılık

The Expression of the Essence

As The Way I Like

As e-book

(Some of the profits of this book will be donated to our animal friends living on the street)


Welcome child, you came well, what stories you have read, what stories you have listened to...
Sometimes you have been influenced from the authors, Isn't it the reason?
Others are now writing my story; Others will read their stories on me..!, you said...
Someday you have fed your mind madly without even taking a breath, then you have added what you had, and blended them all, Did you come before your time?
Not really, you haven't indeed took the road to come, your interview was with yourself, the road has brought you here, Welcome child..!

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