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As The Way I Like

As The Way I Like

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As The Way I Like

208 pages
1 hour
May 2, 2018


Book Introduction Writing;

 I have hanged my hopes onto the hairs of the sky, for those who were shot from their dreams, who knows, perhaps you make me an intermediary for those willing to heal their wounds...
 All my blessing is the spirituality that you'll bestow upon me. Let me distribute to those whom you wish to bestowed upon..!

 E Kitap Projesi & Yayıncılık

The Expression of the Essence

As The Way I Like

As e-book

(Some of the profits of this book will be donated to our animal friends living on the street)


Welcome child, you came well, what stories you have read, what stories you have listened to...
Sometimes you have been influenced from the authors, Isn't it the reason?
Others are now writing my story; Others will read their stories on me..!, you said...
Someday you have fed your mind madly without even taking a breath, then you have added what you had, and blended them all, Did you come before your time?
Not really, you haven't indeed took the road to come, your interview was with yourself, the road has brought you here, Welcome child..!

May 2, 2018

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Book Preview

As The Way I Like - Öz'ün İfadesi

As The Way I Like

Öz’ün İfadesi

* * *

Copyright, 2018

ISBN: 978-605-2259-99-3

Istanbul, 2018

Bu Kitap, e-Kitap Projesi ® tarafından düzenlenmiş ve editorial çalışması yapılmıştır.

{This book designed and edited: by e-Kitap Projesi}

Publisher Certificate Number: 32712

For Your reply and Comments:

Author Contact - eMail:

* * *

Table of Contents


A world not worth to 3 pennies

Endurance of the Pain

Read your Weakness

To be Adam

To forgive

Ahmet Maqam


Realms were created with Love.

Do Not Despair of Allah's Mercy

Besides Allah you have neither any Wali (guardian or a protector) nor any helper.


Love was written to you

Do Not Exchange My Verses for a Small Price.

Whatever Your Addiction is, It Will Be Your Test.


Body and Consciousness Relationship

Am I Not Your Only Lord?


Does the Knowledge Save Us?

There is No Crowd of Knowledge.

Consciousness Jump

What Does It Mean To Come To A Name?

And [for] Every Person We Have Imposed His Fate upon his Neck

Everyone in this World eats the bread of his heart.


To be able to see the Whole



There wasn't any in my pocket so I gave it from my heart.


Ignorant People Who Think They Hold the Key of the Heaven in Their Hands



While Extending to my Childhood

Did they hurt you too much?



My Mad-like Behaviors

Is madness a sort of opening the curtains?

Turn World


Being Depository

Ana 'l-Ḥaqq


Making a Difference

The Ones Who Tells That They Get News From The Future

Sending Prayers to Our Ancestors

I Questioned My Heart

The Heart is God's Throne

If we can make your rose-like face smile

What are the Causes of Increasing Psychological Illnesses Today?

Would you like to see Haqq?


To Compete in Good Deeds


I Wish the Good of Every Thing, My Lord Has Always Given me the Difficult One.

Everywhere was Kaaba


Prophet Noah

As The Way I Like


Divine Love

Having Knowledge

Test in Test

What is the Challenge?

Being Able to be Human

People Are Asleep They Wake Up When They Die

I wanted

Would be aware of when we lose?

Interview with Myself


Short Sentences

Wishing Goodness against Evil

The Servant is tested with a Servant

Birds Accompany Your Dhikr


Testimony of Angels

Realm of Angels

When Mizan (Scale) is Set


Magnificent Order

The Believers, Both Men and Women: They are Guardians, Confidants, and Helpers of One Another.

Why the Shepherding?

Why we think differently?

Nafs (Soul, Ego)

End-blown Flute


Fear of Death

I watch far away

Love in the Essence

Returning to Our Essence

Whatever You Have in Your Essence is What Reflecting


What is the Content of Worshiping to Idols?

It's only the Glorified Allah who is a Teacher with the Name of Rabb (meaning Lord, Sustainer, Cherisher, Master, and Nourisher)

Orienting towards the Lord

Our Lord Sometimes Confirms Us

The Consent

I Didn't Look For Consent

Who is The One Dreaming, Brain or Conscious?

Be Patient

To be Patient

Really, what was the love?

Cuckoos woke up.

Hello to the new day with love

Really, what was the love?

You be a fire to me my Lord, I'll be a wind to you.

I inside of me has said welcome!

If your words are not coming from your heart, it's no use,

You should love with your heart not with your ego, then hidden seeds become thousands of trees,

Then those trees put forth fruits,

Does man count the apples that she will give to her beloved, said the young girl.

Would love be scaled?

Would the fire coming from the heart, has the temperature?

If you look at the raw material, coal and diamond are the same!

So the important thing is in smolder


I Came to You

I Admire You

Prostrating (Sajdah)

You Be a Fire for Me

Are You Me?

Where Were You

Love is Self-sacrifice

The Language of Love

To the Beloved

Clean the rust of your heart

The Purpose of the Test Why to Make Effort?

The Secret is hidden in You

To Reach to the Secrets

Mind Yourself

The Last Step

Last Step Consciousness

Untill Last Breath

My Soul is Taken Out, then Taken to Your Presence

The State of Love of Sugar

To Live the Moment

Isn't Lightning a Light Shining in the Mind in a Moment?

What is polytheism?


To Contemplate

To be cleaned


Modesty Cardigan

Wake up

The Voice of Conscience

Gilded Words

You Alone Do We Worship, and From You Alone Do We Seek Help

To Be Creative

Is Adam The First Human Created?

You are hands of Allah Almighty on earth..!

To be on the way

Tyrant Has No Religion!


Time Travel

The Book Covering All Time

The Slave of Your Highness


The Scientific Dimension of Dhikr

* * *


My hopes kneel down in the presence of the Supreme Sultan,

He is such a Sultan that I wish I would divide my soul in hundred thousand pieces, all hundred thousand one grovel to His presence, I wish I would reach you, run under your rule..!

This soul is sacrificed, a slave in your way ...!

Just call me my servant once, that's enough for me..!

Lines reflecting from the keyboard as the way I like, in my journey to my essence...

Others are now writing my story; Others will read their stories on me..!

* * *

A world not worth to 3 pennies

(from me to myself)

You're hurt too much so that your eye drops is mixed to the rain, while your eye drops wiping out your cheeks, the Lord gives you such good news that you no longer feel the pain of your wounds not only on your cheeks but even if your body burns, You are such Almighty and beloved to me that, may I, this humble one, get no benefit not just from the world not worth to 3 pennies but from every blessing that keeps me away from you...!

If a Person does not treat 72 Nations Equally,

He is Rebellious to the God even if He is a Master to the People

What a beautiful quote from Dear Yunus Emre If a person does not treat 72 nations equally, He is rebellious to the God even if he is a master to the people

In fact, this quote has summarized the Islam, namely the religion of good morals well.

To treat people in the same way without making any discrimination according to their religion, language, race.

After all, have not all religion come with the Islamic Faith in meaning?

How beautiful the sufis have interpreted. The world was like the first lights of the morning when Adam was created, as the world was just turning to the morning,

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