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Donald Ian Bull grew up in San Francisco. He lived in an old Victorian haunted by ghosts, he explored the secret temples of Chinatown, and made friends with astronomers, circus performers and artists. He is now raising a family on a quaint Los Angeles street with break-ins and stabbings, and a neighbor who shoots porn videos in the house two doors down. He also works in the TV industry, surrounded by schemers and screamers.

But California is his home. From hot summer nights at the Hollywood Bowl, to meeting a mountain lion on a hike, to warm Halloween evenings in fantastic costumes, he loves it all. He especially enjoys being a husband, and a father to a daughter who is growing up with her own California history, which he compares to his own.

These essays about life, love, childhood and parenthood could only happen in the Golden State.

Under the pen name Ian Bull, he has written four novels. Liars in Love, set in San Francisco in 1980, Facing Reality (A Love Story), set in Los Angeles in 2000, and the thriller series The Quintana Adventures, about Army Ranger photographer Steven Quintana and movie actress Julia Travers. The Picture Kills and Six Passengers, Five Parachutes are the first two books in the series, and The Danger Game will be out soon.

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