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Death by Pot Luck: Blue Pond Cozy Mystery, #1

64 pages55 minutes


The FIRST book in the Blue Pond Cozy Mystery series is a short read.

Millie MacDonald is a reluctant amateur sleuth who never wanted to be in a situation where she had to solve a crime. Even a small town became too big for her. Millie (referred to locally as Millie George Jack Hughie) has come home to heal her broken heart and avoid drama.

Millie finds out the hard way that the crime of murder can happen even in a tiny Blue Pond, a Prince Edward Island fishing village, where everyone knows everyone and most of their secrets. 

Death by Pot Luck is a clean and wholesome short cozy mystery. 

Death by Pot Luck is the first short book in the Cozy Blue Pond series. It's a complete mystery that you can read in an hour or two. There is no strong language or graphic violence. But there are some nasty people who smile and murder when you least expect it. 

The second short cozy mystery is Chocolate to Die For and it is also a short read.

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