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In the 1950s, readers metHolden Caulfi eld, narrator of J.D.Salinger’s The Catcher in the Ryewho became the cynical voice of ageneration. Now meet Freddie Glass,Toni Breland’s bold, outspoken 25-year-old African American womanwho thinks she has the world fi guredout. A female jock, of sorts, and avain young woman who loves to dressstylishly, Freddie boasts that her onlyuse for men occurs when she “get[s]the urge to go out—or just get[s]the urge,” and she insists on buyingfi ve-hundred-dollar outfi ts when shedoesn’t have money to keep food inthe fridge. Standing at the threshold ofthe nineties, Freddie holds racial andpolitical views that were more popularin the seventies. And as a transplantedPhiladelphian, she doesn’t realize thather contempt for the South refl ects herown ignorance more than it does thatof the “inarticulate” Southern blacksshe despises.But Freddie’s prejudicial rushthrough life comes to a halt whenshe meets Amanda, the new wifeof Freddie’s twin brother Fred. AnAlabaman living in Georgia, Amanda’sgentle, nurturing, selfl ess ways, aswell as her disciplined dietary andhousekeeping habits, jolt Freddie intosomething she has never experiencedbefore: an actual unselfi sh friendshipwith another woman. And whenerotic images about Amanda begin toseep into Freddie’s thinking, she mustreevaluate not only her sexuality butalso her feelings about the South andthe contentious relationship she haswith her twin brother.
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