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Sensual Stories: Daring Women: Sensual Stories

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Book 1Courtesan Seduction

After her father's unexpected death, Parmia is left with one asset—his sentient sidearm, Markes. Following months of struggles, she reluctantly decides to utilize her one talent—the latent sexual empathy she inherited from her mother. Five years later, she accepts a last, distasteful job that will allow her to return to the sheltered life she'd enjoyed before her father's death.

Weary of hunting and longing to find a bond mate he can settle down with, Delsin Adarinas, an unwilling but successful bounty hunter, reluctantly accepts a final, lucrative job. Unfortunately, the job is on Denhari, the home planet he fled years earlier. When he and Parmia meet, the attraction is immediate and powerful. Too bad collecting his bounty depends on capturing her and damning her to a life of sexual servitude.

Book 2 No Commitment Required

Her fiancé's death leaves Nila with the strange medallion. Mounting medical expenses for her parents' care have left her strapped for cash. Naughty Girls, Inc. seems to be the perfect solution. If she joins, she just might find a rich lover who'll satisfy her needs without risking her heart. Instead of a no commitment required arrangement, Nila finds herself torn between two handsome lovers.

The handsome, wounded Josh wants her as his live-in lover, but Nila's attraction to Josh is threatened when she meets Richard. One look into the eyes of Josh's tall, gorgeous companion and Nila's medallion pulses with an energy she hasn't experienced in years. Nila's torn by her attraction to both men. Should she choose the emotionally battered Josh, whose sightless eyes stir her heart? Or Richard, whose every look, touch, and mannerism reminds her lost love? Or dare she take a walk on the wild side and have them both?

Book 3 One Night in Vegas

Full-blood Sean Patrick has seen and done it all. At least that's what he believes while prowling around Las Vegas in search of the ultimate sexual adventure. But Sin City offers nothing more than the same boring bedroom games—until he encounters a mysterious woman whose strength and sexual appetite rival his.

Susoma's meets Sean—just as duty necessitates her return home. After one explosive night of extreme passion during which she turns the tables on Sean, he insists she return home with him. Susoma faces the most difficult choice of her life. Can she summon the inner strength to make the right decision and return home? Or will the passion raging between them override her sense of duty forcing her to subject her younger sister to a life of misery?

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