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Daddy Next Door: Babysitter

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Lola babysits for extra money while she's in college.

Although she also has a thing for hot older dad, Martin, who she sits for. In fact, she spends a lot of time thinking about Martin when she's over at his house. Thinking about how much better she would be for him than his wife.

Thinking usually leads to touching, and the touching happens all over the house. Including the master bedroom.

But then Martin comes back early one night in the middle of one of these touching sessions. He forgot his phone. And he's all alone.

He catches Lola in the act. How will he punish her for being such a naughty girl?

And will it be enough to satisfy them both?

Warning: this story features a hot encounter between an older man and his college-aged babysitter and is intended for readers 18+ only!

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