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Holding On

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Trey McGowan is no stranger to the inside of a jail cell, but this time it really wasn’t his fault. Well... maybe a little. What’s worse is that the gorgeous hottie he was defending didn’t even notice. But make no mistake, the jerk she was with really had it coming. Now she has the nerve to show up, looking for work. And not just for her! She wants him to hire the a-hole who was pushing her around, too. And with the legs on this one, he was tempted to consider it, just to keep her around.
Dylan has had a run of bad luck. After losing both parents to a tragic accident, she was left in the care of older brother, Brent, who hasn’t exactly been a model parent. He’d started off okay, but in the last few years she’d felt like she was babysitting him. Now, he’s dragged her to Haven, Montana, in a last-ditch effort to find work. To make matters worse, he just punched Trey McGowan, one of the only men in town who could guarantee work for both of them. This may require a little persuasion.

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