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Dancing with the Tide: Have Body, Will Guard, #2

268 pages3 hours


2nd in the series. 

Someone wants to kill cute, sexy gay pop star Karif al-Fulan, and it's up to bodyguards Liam McCullough and Aidan Greene to keep him safe.

But will Karif destroy the burgeoning love between Liam & Aidan with his intimate advances? Between passionate romps in a private villa on the resort island of Djerba, off the coast of Tunisia, Liam and Aidan must face down bombs, guns and the pressure of their own testosterone.

Who's trying to run them off the road in Tunis, orchestrating rock-throwing demonstrations and issuing death threats? What's Karif's connection to a prominent Palestinian politician? From poolside play to a Turkish bath to alley blow jobs in an island souk, these guys are getting into and out of trouble. But in the end, who's going to be top dog in battle -- and in bed?

Once Aidan and Liam face down a serious of dangerous threats, they still have to find a way to work together without destroying their romance.

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