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The Boy Band has a Terrible Secret

425 pages5 hours


Betts doesn't know why she left the theatre. Why she listened to a man she had never met, even if he was a very famous and very attractive musician. Why she had to be the one spared the horrors of the Narrows fire.

Now she's spiralling out of control, plagued by guilt and confusion, watching the surviving members of Hero court the press to speak about their ordeal. Which is strange, but not too strange. And they're replacing their dead member remarkably quickly, which is odd. But not too odd. And Betts is seeing things; wet, horrible things, but also pretty, dead things that bear a remarkable resemblance to handsome boys who just died saving her life.

She might go crazy if she doesn't find some answers soon. She might already be crazy. But that boy band is hiding something.

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