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Se7en Deadly SEALs are not the heroes I thought they were
**6ix **shots of rum I had the night I was violated
**5ive **months I hid so no one would discover my secret
**Four **times I visited Grant in the hospital to attempt to tell him the truth
Thre3 jobs I worked while I was alone to protect the truth
Two days my angel lived on this earth
One plunge of my stiletto heel permanently marked my attacker
Zero chance he can run now that I’ve discovered his identity
I didn’t reinvent myself to seek revenge, my goal was to exonerate my brother. I will still spend my last breath working for his freedom. But first, I will get mine. He must pay. I’ve lost control, I’ve snapped. I’m crazed.
Crazed is Episode 3 in the best-selling Se7en Deadly SEALs Series.​

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