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The Effective Ketogenic Air Fryer Cookbook

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The Effective Ketogenic Air Fryer Cookbook

The ketogenic diet is a "low-carb, adequate protein, and high-fat diet." Yes, that's right! It's as simple as that. Now to the rocket-science behind it. The ketogenic diet is designed to produce ketones in the body, which are then used as an energy source. It's because of these ketones and the resulting ketosis that it's called the ketogenic diet. 

Normally our bodies use glucose molecules as the primary fuel for energy production. The ketogenic diet delivers a large amount of fats. These fats are then converted by the liver into fatty acids and ketone bodies. The ketone molecules then become the primary energy source. Since the brain can run only on glucose and ketone bodies, reducing the glucose (from sugar and carbs) and limiting the energy source to ketones can treat epilepsy as well.

This book will cover:

How to Effectively Use an Air Fryer How an Air Fryer Works Choosing the Best Air Fryer Tips on Air Frying Introduction to the Ketogenic Diet The Ketogenic Diet Plan The Therapeutic Effects of the Ketogenic Diet The Side Effects of the Ketogenic Diet Foods to Eat During the Ketogenic Diet 60 Ketogenic Air Fryer Recipes with Complete Nutritional Information

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