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Whyborne and Griffin, Books 7-9

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Books 7-9 in the Best-Selling Whyborne & Griffin Series, now in one convenient download. Save 30% off the cover price of buying separately!

Includes: Maelstrom, Fallow, and Draakenwood

Maelstrom: When the donation of a mysterious codex to the Ladysmith Museum draws the attention of a murderous cult, Whyborne finds himself in a race against time to unlock its secrets.

Fallow: To keep Griffin’s estranged mother safe, the group must travel to a dying town in Kansas. But as drought withers the crops of Fallow, a sinister power sinks its roots deep into the arid soil.

Draakenwood: A mysterious creature from the Outside is on the loose, assassinating members of the old families. Whyborne and Griffin set out to solve the mystery—but as the evidence piles up, the police begin to suspect Whyborne himself is the murderer.

Novel collection: 201,398 words.

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