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Beyond Endurance (Forever Free Book 2)

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When America lies in ruins, what can one man do?
Oz Porter, a prepper and former Marine sniper, has led his people into the Appalachians, where they create a refuge, a place they name Endurance. Building log cabins for shelter, trapping and hunting in the forest for food, they manage to scrape enough to live a meagre existence. But how will they combat the new enemy?

When people lose everything, who will keep them safe?
They are a force controlled by self-appointed ‘leaders’ and staffed by heavily-armed deputies. Men recruited for their inherent violence. They are criminals, bullies and thieves. Men who insist they are the law and hunt down all who dare oppose them. Hidden away in their mountaintop settlement, the cold and hungry inhabitants of Endurance cannot escape the notice of these self-appointed enforcers. Once again, they look to Oz Porter and his unique skills to save them. To help them remain forever free.

Beyond Endurance is the second in an ongoing Forever Free series of short novels that chronicle the vicious aftermath of the breakdown of society.

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